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The BOP Mentoring programs are for young men and women ages 10-19. Mentees must live in Allegheny  County.

Born Leaders

School Based Program 

-Middle School, High School, and Elementary School (5th grade only)

-Functions within the school setting for the entire duration of the school year

-1-2 group mentoring sessions weekly. Group material/discussions are tailored to meet the need of the age group

-Students must be referred to the program by school professionals (counselors, teachers, aids, etc.)


 -Utilizes the 5 Competencies of SEL (Social Emotional Learning), an evidenced based process that helps young people manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

- The BLAACOUT Project has expanded upon those basic competencies with the development of community conscious curriculum that ranges from social awareness/injustices, drug and alcohol education, understanding stereotypes, trauma related mental health awareness, and a range of other topics developed to build strong young leaders of struggling communities. 

-Opportunity to receive a Peer Mentor Certificate after completion of program requirements

As a BLAACOUT Scholar we provide...

  • One on One mentoring/coaching sessions

  • Connections to community resources and support services including links to culturally appropriate mental health providers

  • Referrals and assistance to attend teen activities and groups 

  • Group activities and small trips through Allegheny County

  • Workshops

Current School-Based Partner(s):
Propel Braddock Hills Middle School
Propel Northside

OST Provider/Partner- Pittsburgh Public Schools 
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